Z & Z Jewellers on Metropolitan Avenue


Salam aleikum again, y’all. 

This entry features a jeweler in the USA Flea Market on Metropolitan Avenue. It is owned by “Zee” Raoof, a former boxer from Hyderabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. He is not only able to repair jewelry, he can restore it, too. Though gold and silver don’t tarnish or rust, body oils and saliva can leave a film on top of the metal itself, dulling it. He has a process for both gold and silver, making them appear as new as the day you bought it. I have seen him restore both of them, and he also offers quite a selection in his inventory. He also offers custom-made jewelry on pre-order. I have bought about three rings from him so far, all silver, and have enjoyed all three of them. With his restoration, they stayed looking new for a long time, and though restoration is usually about 5 dollars, jewelry purchased from him comes with a free restoration. Most of his customers are repeat, and he offers competitive pricing by saving on his overhead and rent.

Both thumbs up!

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Napa Auto Parts on Metropolitan Avenue

Salam aleikum, ya’all.

This is owned by a brother named Ali Khan from Alabama. I have known him since before this blog, but was unaware he owned this establishment. I have only been for oil changes, but have heard good about them from neighbors in the area, and can vouch for them. When I have gone for oil changes, they usually take more time, about an extra five minutes, but the car runs more smoothly than after getting oil changes at other establishments. 

Two thumbs up!

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Mina’s Kitchen

Salam aleikum, y’all.

This week’s entry is Mina’s Kitchen on 5481 Memorial Drive, Stone Mountain, Georgia. It specializes in West African cuisine, mainly Liberian, then Nigerian. The owner, Wilhelmina Bestman, is Liberian, but she has Nigerian  customers coming for Nigerian food, which testifies to her authenticity. The restaurant is a medium-sized dining room and a bar, with a kitchen in the back. This is not a Muslim-owned restaurant, but Mrs. Bestman buys her meats from halal suppliers, and does not cook pork in any dishes.

As far as her food goes, it gets two thumbs up. Having had most of her dishes over the years, I can honestly say that many of them are good. The menu includes items like torbaghee, cassava leaves, potato grains (which are actually a spinach and rice dish with various meats and spices), palm butter, jerk chicken, jollof rice, and egusi. I haven’t had a dish there I didn’t like yet. She carries beverages like ginger beer, which really wash down the food well.

Many sites like yelp list her number as 404-297-0470, but her new number is actually 404-508-9691. Unfortunately, she doesn’t deliver, but then again, she probably shouldn’t. It’s much better there at her place.

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Advice for Muslims Struggling in Islam

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Why Latin Americans are Accepting Islam

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Ramadan Recommendation 2013

I don’t know about you, but it seems to us at MuslimAtlanta that Ramadan has overall been easier this year than we expected, and that there has been a lot of good news this year. We often talk about the blessings of Ramadan, but they are more real than we often describe, for those who ask for them. We have had a new shahada in Masjid Al-Farooq just before the jumuah khutbah today. And in our personal lives, many things are becoming easier for us as Allah answers our duas. 

However, I want to, if I may, remind us that we must look out for others in Ramadan, and the best way to do so is secretly, such that one hand knows not what the other hand does. For those of us who can afford it, this means giving financially, and this means giving to people we may not usually care to be around many times. For those of us who cannot afford to give financially, it may involve something else, but we should look for something to give to others, be it tangible or not. I’d like to make a recommendation for those of us who cannot give something secretly and to where others don’t know. If you can only give in view of others to where someone will know what you gave, then give, but say something the likes of “My boss sent this to you,” or “this fell out of your pocket”. Something that deflects the credit to someone else anonymous. This way, what would be a public deed might still be unknown to have come from you, and it will inspire others to give secretly in turn. If someone attempts to return a favor to your boss through you, then merely say, “(S)he told me you might try to pay it back, but someone did this same thing for her/him and said (s)he can only pay it back by doing it for someone else. That is you, and the condition is that you do something within your power for someone else and pass it on.”

This is what is referred to as “paying it forward.” This Ramadan, let’s take the time to start a year-round tradition of good deeds that multiply again and again, for which the only payback goes to someone else. If you can give to someone anonymously, take the time to write a note explaining this to the recipient. They cannot pay back except by doing the same anonymously for someone else. 

May Allah reward you, and accept our good deeds and our fasting and our breaking of the fast.

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Follow up to Hijrah post

The stereotyping of the Asian community in the US doesn’t compare to impartial imprisonment and job discrimination, but it still shows the sentiment of the society in which we live. 

This is how the staff of the Asiana flight was identified by the NTSB, due to a summer intern working there, who did not make the names up, but did confirm them over the phone when asked. 

TV anchor reads fake pilot names

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